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-Here are some of the most frequently asked questions about our products

How long does the curbing take to dry?


It takes a full week for our curbing to completely dry.  Although it will be strong enough to walk on after 48 hours, caution should be taken during the first week. Wait 5-7 days before doing any landscaping or lawn maintenance.  Most importantly avoid any contact within the first 24 hours. Leave sprinkler and irrigation systems off for 24 hours.  Please allow 24 hours before letting any pets or children around the curbing to avoid damage.  


How is curbing installed?


On an existing landscape we will need to take a 12" sod cut to properly install the curbing.  All sod that is cut will be hauled away and is included in the price per foot.  All of the concrete is mixed on site by a member of our crew. We do not use a concrete truck or any concrete form boards.  Our custom concrete mix is manually extruded and free standing after being pushed through the front of our curbing machine (picture above). We will then use a hand trowel to provide a smooth, professional looking finish.  Expansion or stress joints are added every 30-36" to protect from breaks or cracks.


(click to enlarge)

How long will it take to install?


Most jobs will take 1-2 days at the most.  There are some exceptions when installing highly decorative curbing or excessive prep work .  We also give discounts when installing 300 ft. or more!


Is this product durable and long lasting?


Curbing is the longest lasting form of landscape edging.  Will not rust or rot over time.  We add fiber mesh as well as strengthening polymers into our curbing to ensure maximum strength and durability.  Our Commercial style curbing will stand up to the weight of a semi.  Our residential style curbing is good for anything used in a landscape but is not suited for the weight of a full size vehicle.  


What should I do before my curbing is installed?


We ask that you mark your sprinkler heads so that we can avoid them during prep work and installation.  Also turn your sprinkler or irrigation system off 24 hours before and after installation.  It would be a good idea to have your lawn maintenanced prior to installation.  After the curbing is installed we recommend waiting at least 5-7 days before using any lawn equipment.  



What should I do after my curbing is installed?


As stated before during the first 24 hours we ask that there is no contact with the curbing at all.  Do not wet the curbing with water; This will cause damage and require repair.  The water we need is added precisely to our mix, no more is needed afterwards.  The curbing will dry and cure properly on its own. Any contact with the curbing in the first 24 hours will cause imperfections in the finish and will even collapse completely if stepped on. Please wait 5-7 days before mowing your lawn.  


If you had decorative curbing installed a coat of sealer every one to two years can be applied to keep it looking fresh.  We can do that for you or recommend products



Any other questions/suggestions you have please feel free to contact us!

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